Southern Hydrogeological Expedition

Southern Hydrogeological Expedition established October 1, 1960. The scope of the expedition – the Central, South- West of Tajikistan and the Pamirs. The expedition has conducted hydrogeological survey of various areas of the country, exploration work on the water for the water supply of settlements and industrial enterprises, special reclamation research and monitoring observations of groundwater irrigated areas of engineering and geological research, exploration work on the estimated reserves of underground water for irrigation, exploration of mineral and thermal waters, drilling holes for piles of bridge piers.The expedition has a technical library and geological foundations. The library has over 1,200 books, brochures and magazines in the industry of hydrogeology, engineering geology, geophysics, drilling, etc. In geological expedition funds are stored and used for more than 750 geological reports, briefing notes and expert opinions. The number of employees of the expedition is 88 people.

Magian Prospecting Expedition