Scientific – Technical Library

Scientific – technical library in GPSE was established under the Department of Geology of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic in 1959. The fund had about 3,000 books. Of these rare and valuable is 332 copies. Now according to the inventory book of the total number is: 38,363 copies of books.

Of these, the exchange ones – 485 copies.

Depository Fund – 7.60 copies.

Subscribers of Library – 128 people., Among them students – 27 people.

The number of visits – 125

Issue of Literature – 367

New Acquisitions – 25 copies. books

– 21 copies. magazines

– 600 copies. newspapers, 14 items

The main theme of acquisition : geology, mining, economy, ASU, Mathematics in geology. Category of readers mostly employees of GST and its business units, on the initiative of the GST is allowed to serve the students of mining and geological department of the Republic of Tajikistan TNU.

Scientific - technical library