Kairakum Complex Geological Expedition

Kairakum Complex Geological Expedition was formed in 1947 on the basis of geological enterprise trust “Sredaztsvetmetrazvedka” to study lead- zinc deposit Konimansur. In 1950, for the study of ore area of Central and Eastern Kariya Mazor at Geological Survey was created Kariya mazorskaya prospecting expedition. Since its inception, the expedition started development of ore deposits (Western Konimansur, Tariekan, Zambarak, Chukurdzhilga, etc.), which later became the mineral resource base for Kariya Mazar mining and processing plant. After the unification of geological enterprises (Kariya mazorskaya, Altyntopkanskaya, ISFARA) work on the development of new deposits was integrated. Prepared for the development field such as East Konimansur, East Altyntopkan, Shohkadambulak, Konchol Aprelevka, Burugunda, Kizilcheku, Chorba, Chashmadinor and many other objects of construction materials. Currently expedition carrying out a set of geological, hydrogeological and engineering geological exploration in the Sughd province of Tajikistan. Number of employees of the expedition is 229 people.

Magian Prospecting Expedition