Expert Services

Basic activities of the Head Department for Geology and its subdivisions

The “State Service for the Monitoring of Dangerous Exogenic Geological Processes” project is being continuously implemented within the Head Department for Geology.

Engineering and geological study of the sites exposed to dangerous geological effects is conducted upon the instruction of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and requests by executive authorities, cities, districts, ministries, agencies, organizations and individuals. Expert opinion and recommendations are provided as a result of the studies.

According to Chapter 3, Article 24 of the Land Code of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Head Department for Geology (HDG) is entitled to issue engineering and geological opinions for the construction of residential buildings as well as engineering and geological opinions on the condition of land plots of individual households located in the dangerous zones.

The unitary enterprises under the HDG, upon requests of local executive bodies and citizens, monitor the condition of land plots, identify the level of impact of dangerous exogenic geological processes (EGP) and provide engineering and geological opinions.

The main objectives of the State Service for the Monitoring of EGP include: 

  • Conduction of engineering and geological studies within the areas exposed to EGP including the adjacent territories not exposed to such processes
  • Integrated interpretation of the results of engineering and geological studies and issuance of engineering and geological opinions on the sites and processes under study
  • Storage of all types of engineering and geological information in a digital format

In addition, according to the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “Concerning Architecture, Urban Development and Facilities Construction”, the Head Department for Geology shall approve master construction plans of cities and districts in the republic.

The Head Department for Geology according to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan No.538 dated 10/02/1993, shall conduct engineering and geological surveys within the entire territory of the republic.

Conduction of such works is aimed to fulfill the following tasks:  

  • monitor dangerous geological processes in the territory of the republic
  • study the condition of geological environment around the population centers located in the dangerous zones

Dangerous exogenic geological processes – landslides, rockslides, mudflows etc. –  seriously damage national economy, and sometimes lead to human losses.

The Head Department for Geology in cooperation with other agencies performs continuous monitoring and studies of dangerous exogenic processes.

10 thousand wells have been drilled in the territory of Tajikistan for the purpose of engineering-geological and hydrogeological exploration and water supply. The corresponding information is stored in the State Geological Fund under the HDG. This information can be provided to the interested persons in accordance with the established procedure.
The “Groundwater Exploration for the Purpose of Water Supply of Education, Healthcare and Social Protection facilities” is being implemented within the HDG.

According to the project, dozens of wells are annually drilled across the republic by the specialists of HDG geological expeditions.

Wells are also drilled for water supply under the agreements with the population and individual entities.

HDG, according to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan No.39 dated 02/04/2002, has the following powers in regulation of the use and protection of water resources:  

  • state registration of licenses for the right of subsoil use, including those for the abstraction of underground water (potable, industrial, mineral, thermal and for irrigation purposes)
  • state registration of contracts for the right of subsoil (including underground water)
  • issuance of permits for recompletion of exploratory wells, operation and drilling of  absorption wells for waste water disposal
  • approval of permits for special water use
  • approval of water drilling projects
  • approval of projects for the search, exploration and construction of new water intake systems