Central Asian Geoportal of Tajikistan

Magian Prospecting Expedition

Magian Prospecting Expedition was formed in 1948. The administration of the expedition until 1963 are placed in tyuselke Magian, hence the name of the expedition is  Magian. Now the mission is in the village named Holmurodova Panjakent city. The territory of the expedition - Zarafshan- Hissar structural and metallogenic area of central Tajikistan, known as the rare-metal province. During the years of the expedition  a specialty of the region is set for precious, non-ferrous and rare metals and created a powerful mineral resource potential. On the basis of the approved reserves and deposits Taror Djilali operates gold mining joint venture "Zarafshan". Reserves have been approved by gold ore deposit Chora explored and prepared for the commercial development of coal deposits of Fan Yagnob phosphate Rivat, Tillogul marbles, building materials Panjakent. In 1989 was published the book "Geology and Mineral Resources of Zarafshan River Basin ", which summarizes all of the major scientific and industrial achievements geological expedition. Number of employees expedition of 239 people.

Магианская геологоразведочная экспедиция