Central Asian Geoportal of Tajikistan

Cooperation with the Geological Survey of Finland

Cooperation with the Geological Survey of FinlandThe cooperation is conducted in three areas:

•    Creation of Tajikistan’s regional geological portal on the Internet;
•    Digitization of materials in the archives (in the Fund) of the General Department;
•    Study of dangerous natural processes.

The purpose of the geoportal, which will be made in accordance with international standards, is to present the Republic and its natural resources to attract foreign investments in the country.

Geological materials which are contained in the Fund of the General Department of Geology are paper-based and consist of several thousand reports. To ensure their long-term storage it is required to digitize and to convert this information into the electronic format, which is a task of great importance. It is important that this work will be conducted by Tajik specialists.

Ninety-three percent of the Tajik territory is mountainous and from this point of view the study of natural hazards, helping to ensure the safety of life and to reduce the negative impact on the national economy, has a socio-economic importance.

It should be noted that six young employees from the General Department were sent to Finland to attend the GIS courses; six people were sent to the Republic of Kazakhstan with the financial support of the Geological Service of Finland.

Also, the English and computer courses were organized for more than 20 employees of the General Department of Geology funded by the Geological Service of Finland.

The Geological Service of Finland purchased the necessary technical equipment for the State Fund of geological information on subsoil of the Republic of Tajikistan.

These courses will also be attended by the employees of the General Department of Geology.

There is an intention to continue this cooperation in 2014-2017.