Central Asian Geoportal of Tajikistan

The Flag of Tajikistan is the first symbol of the state sovereignty of the Republic of Tajikistan approved on 24 November 1992.

It is a rectangular panel consisting of three horizontal bands of red (top), white (middle) and green (bottom) in a ratio between widths of 2: 3: 2. In the center of the flag shows a stylized golden crown with a semicircle of seven 5-star end of it.

The Crown and a semicircle of stars fit into a rectangle, which is equal to the length of the white band width and the height of which is equal to 4/5 the width of the white band. Five-pointed stars fit into the conventional circle diameter of 3/20 the width of the white band and arranged along the arc of a circle of radius 1/2 the conventional width of the white band. Crown height 0.55 width of the white band at the base of bends in an arc radius of 1, 2 width of a white strip. Four arc-shaped elements forming the top of the crown get married in the middle part of the circle with a diameter of 0.2 width of a white strip.


While creating a new state symbol of Tajikistan it was followed by the principle of historicism and continuity. Tajikistan flag on their red, white and green color scheme follows the flag of the Tajik SSR.

In accordance with the Regulations on the State Flag of the Republic of Tajikistan, adopted on 24 November 1992, "The national flag of the Republic of Tajikistan is a symbol of the unbreakable alliance of the workers, peasants and intellectuals." Working symbolizes the red, the peasants - green, intellectuals - white.